The town’s backbone, is the high street, with just the right eclectic mix of shops, services, restaurants, cafés and pubs. Known for their individuality, quality and care, within a naturally contemporary environment.

All nestling among countryside to take your breath away. Unassuming, yet often spectacular scenes that inspired 18th century painters, Constable and Gainsborough.

Twentieth century artist Cedric Morris spent forty years in Hadleigh. A post impressionist and pioneering gardener, he founded a school with painter and sculptor Arthur Lett-Haines, whose students included Lucian Freud and locally raised Maggi Hambling.

While local hero Oswald Gayford a fearless long-distance flyer, held the world record in 1927, 1933 and 1938.

Sitting on the River Brett, established as a market town in 1252, there is a gentle and yet lively bustle with its population of approximately 9000.

Looking restfully idyllic, the homely atmosphere is testimony to the many families and individuals remaining residents through several generations.

Hadleigh is central to; Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Colchester and Sudbury – and noteworthy villages such as; Clare, Dedham, Kersey, Lavenham and Long Melford.

Social and cultural activities keep this community celebrating their collective wealth.

Expect a friendly welcome and relaxed hospitality wherever you go.



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What book are you reading?
Monsoon Memories by Renita D’Silva

First record you bought?
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus

Favourite place to visit in Suffolk?

What’s top of your bucket list?
All travel. Places like Thailand and Australia

The last film you saw?
Murder on the Orient Express

Where do you like to go on holiday?
In England, Italy and Greece and Sri Lanka



Karin loves to travel so she is in the perfect job. From schooldays she was inspired by watching her neighbour, who was a travel agent, setting off on fam trips. A school cruise sealed her fate, and at 17 she went straight from college to a post as a junior travel consultant.  I asked her to tell me how things have changed in the last 30 years. “At first, everything was done by telephone; then came huge television-style monitors, shared by the whole office. People relied on brochures and availability had to be checked then booked, usually at the advertised prices.  Then the internet took over and people took to it enthusiastically. However, now the novelty of endless searching on the internet is wearing thin and many people are now returning to the expertise, advice and service of the travel agent and being able to relax with images and information contained in a brochure.






PHOTOS OF HADLEIGH 2017: Hadleigh_2017_photos.PDF


Photographs by Peter Cutts